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Sometimes, deep powder can accumulate in steeps over the winter. In these cases, hitting them in spring is the best time. If you’re looking for deep powder in the spring, head to the steeps – especially in regions like Utah and Lake Tahoe that get massive amounts of natural snow. Vail, a well-known ski resort, received over four feet of snow in February alone.

After snowstorms bring in fresh powder, we’ve had some of the best skiing experiences. You won’t sacrifice the experience and you won’t break your budget. Some like it hot; others prefer bundling up for their spring break.

spring ski trips

Before Vail’s purchase, they had at least 2,500 vertical feet of skiing, and thousands of acres of beautiful alpine terrain that could be accessed by three lifts. Good news is if you visit in May, you can still ski in the morning and mountain bike in the afternoon. But when spring weather hits, the mountain decks come alive with apres ski and become havens for live music. A sunny deck is the best way to end a day on spring skiing.

Snowbird Resort typically remains open through most of May, and sometimes as late as the Fourth of July in big snowfall years. With the sun so high in the sky, it’s beautifully bright and sunny on the slopes. Skiers and snowboarders love the term “bluebird skies” to describe the perfect conditions for skiing when there’s a rich cobalt blue sky with nary a cloud in sight.

Spring skiing, by definition, is the late-season period from roughly the beginning of March through April or even May. Most ski resorts close at various times in early-to-mid April. For some resorts, however, spring skiing extends further into April or even May.

Lodge in nearby North Conway or Jackson, and make tracks for the Cat. Wildcat offers late season lift ticket discounts, so get ready to grab those wild tickets. Sunday River stores snow all winter and the lifts typically keep spinning until May 1. Ski Maynia is free. Here are some spring events such as Parrot Head or pond skimming that will make April a great time to take the family on a snow vacation.

  • There are plenty of gentle slopes, which make the area perfect for families and beginners.
  • Winter Park is located north of Berthoud Pass in a spot that’s ideal for spring skiing conditions.
  • Bretton Woods makes mounds of snow all season, and they remain open till mid-April, even offering deals like $17.76 skiing Patriots Day.
  • This is due to low air pressure at higher altitudes.