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The Norwegian Coast has been inhabited for thousands years, but much of the original character of the landscape is still intact. The coastline may very well be the most complicated one in the world. The coast of Norway is made up of thousands of fjords, ranging in length from a few hundred metres to more than 100 kilometers. After having been there, we saw just enough to realize that the skiing possibilities are just about endless.

Urpu Ski & Mountainguiding Urpu Ski & Mountain Guiding offers guided mountain hiking adventures and ski touring in Romsdalen (Norway). You can see iconic peaks like Romsdalshorn and Vengetind. Ski Touring Weekend in the Sunnmore Alps Ski touring weekend with basecamp in Stranda, the perfect starting point for epic ski touring adventures. Night skiing has become very popular in Norway in recent years. Most of us work during the day and don’t have time to ski in the dark. You can now explore the Sunnmore alps with us, and light up your path with our powerful headlamps.

This resort is, perhaps, the best in the country and is suitable for all types of skiing. Kvitfjell, at 600 km long, offers cross-country skiing opportunities. The trail begins at Kvitfjell and runs through Kvitfjell Vest until it reaches Gala.

Heliskiing/ski tours are carried out under the personal responsibility of the participants under the guidance of the mountain guide or expedition leader. The participants must be able to move safely and independently in changing, sometimes difficult snow conditions and steep terrain. For ski touring trips, command of the hairpin technique.

The resort has the best of both worlds, it has great varied skiing for those of all abilities but is also very uncrowded during the week. Once the weekend hits, loosen your boots and get your sunglasses at the ready as the party really starts. Voted one of the best resorts for apres-skis, so you should boogey the way the Scandi’s do. Skiing at Trysil is possible in the mountains, woods, and in the vast family area.

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Ski lifts at Beitostolen. One ski lift is located in the village center, one is just steps from Radisson Blue Mountain Resort. On the other side of the valley, Raudalen Alpine Centre offers red and black runs for advanced skiers. Get the most recent information from ski resorts about snow conditions and weather reports. Gausta ski centre has 13 lifts, 35 slopes, three children’s areas, and two terrain parks – in the resort itself. SkiGeilo offers 22 lifts, 45 slopes and three terrain parks.

norway ski trips

All the downhill resorts also have extensive trail networks. Snowboard and skiing facilities in the country are excellent overall. The bigger resorts in Norway have plenty to interest beginners and intermediate skiers for a week or more, and there are many black-diamond runs for the more experienced. Families can find free lift passes and helmets for kids under 7, plus plenty of nursery slopes and day-care centers.

Introduction to randonee skiing in Romsdalen This is the trip you choose for a practical introduction to the popular activity “Randonee”, a top mountain ski trip! The Randonee equipment makes the hike up much easier with its traps under the skis and bindings with walking function. You can remove the traps from the bottom and lock the bindings in a driving place so that you have “alpine ski” function when you make turns down the mountain sides. Jostedal – Into the Backcountry This week is the introduction to ski touring that you need!

Ski resorts in the fjords and below the northern lights, as well as slopes between snow-capped trees within inland valleys, are all unique alpine destinations. Alpepass Alpepass is a joint lift pass for eight different ski resorts in the northernmost part of Fjord Norway. The lift pass gives access to skiing in a wide range of lifts and slopes in the amazing fjord landscape.

  • Randonee equipment makes it easy to hike up with its traps underneath the skis and bindings that have walking function.
  • The trail starts at Kvitfjell, runs through Kvitfjell Vest, and ends at Gala.
  • Cross-country skiing at Orsta Ski Centre – Orsta Ski Centre is located in the middle the beautiful Alps Of Sunnmore in the western part Norway.

The majority of Norway’s top ski resorts are family-friendly with kids’ slopes and ski schools. The season is long, the resorts are nice, and the views are impeccable. Many of the most popular resorts are within easy reach of airports and ferry ports. Oppdal ski centre a little south of Trondheim is the largest in Trondelag, with a total of 35 slopes and 13 lifts.